Tips from Leading Long Island Movers on Moving in a Hurry

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Typically, we recommend starting to plan a move several months in advance.  However, we know from experience that lots of people don’t have the luxury of long term planning.  Rent increases, new jobs, a change in living arrangements, and other changes can all necessitate a quick, somewhat unplanned move.

If you’re in this position, taking control of the situation right away rather than panicking can go a long way toward limiting stress.  Toward that end, we offer these simple tips for moving in a hurry.


Use Technology to Help You Get Organized

The traditional way to stay organized when planning and carrying out a move is to create a moving binder with pockets for important documents and sections for each step in the process.  A moving calendar with each task listed on a specific day would also be included.

This traditional method for staying organized is fine when you have several months or more to get ready for your move.  If you have only weeks or days, however, using the latest technology to speed things up is probably a better idea.

There are now apps to help plan your move, including a personal assistant who can coordinate your move via texts.  Other apps can help you locate movers, sell items you don’t want to move with you, and catalog everything you are moving.

With one or two apps and a smartphone or tablet, you can have all the details of your move at your fingertips.  You’ll be able to manage and expedite the moving process from start to finish


Hire Professional Movers and Packers

Scheduling a moving date is especially important when you have limited time, so use the internet to help you locate reliable, experienced movers.  Quickly read reviews, check credentials, and get quotes from two or more companies.  Choosing an experienced, full-service moving company is your best bet, since they will usually provide a personal move coordinator and professional packers who can help you move quickly and safely.

If you don’t have time to sort through all of your possessions and pack carefully, you should definitely consider full-service packing.  Professional packers will come to your residence with all the packing materials needed to protect your possessions while in transit, and pack them carefully to ensure their safety.  You won’t have to find boxes, buy packing tape and bubble wrap, or worry about boxes busting open during your move.

Professional packers will also come equipped with specialty boxes and padding to protect your fragile and expensive items, such as flatscreen televisions, computer equipment, and china.  In addition, because they’re trained professionals, they can have your household all packed up in a fraction of the time it would take you to do the job yourself.


Pack a Survival Kit

Another tip for moving quickly and safely is to have each member of your family pack a bag (a suitcase, backpack, or box will do) of their daily essentials.  Things like medication, a change of clothes, favorite electronic devices, and nonperishable snacks might be included.   In case you have to spend time at your old home after everything’s been moved out or at your new home before things are moved in and unpacked, this bag of essentials will come in very handy.


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