Most people move from Long Island because they’re relocating for a new job or because there’s been a change in their primary relationship.  However, our experience in helping families move suggests there are many other good reasons to look for a new place.

Here’s our top five:


1. You’re Tired of Commuting to Work

For many of us who live on Long Island, the commute to The City is a daily hassle. Whether we’re sitting in traffic or sitting on the train, we’re spending a big part of our day just getting to and from our workplace.  After a few years or more, this daily routine can become very stressful.

A shorter commute may be just what you and your family need to re-energize your lives.  With less time spent commuting, you could get more sleep, exercise more, and spend more time with your family.  The possibilities are endless.   All you need to do is sell your home and move to one closer to your workplace.


2. You Need More (or Less) Space

Perhaps over time, your family has grown, and you’ve collected a lot more stuff than you had when you moved into your home.  What seemed like the perfect home five or ten years ago is no longer suitable. If you’ve run out of sleeping space, storage space, or bathroom space, it’s probably time to starting looking for a bigger home.

On the other hand, maybe you’re at the point in your life where it’s time to downsize.  The children have their own places, and you no longer want to take care of a large house.   A smaller place could actually be more comfortable while also freeing up time to do things you truly enjoy.


3. Your Preferences Have Changed

Often the neighborhoods that appealed to us when we were young get less appealing as we age.  Maybe you want a newer place, a quieter neighborhood, a better location, or better schools.  All of these are good reasons to move.

In addition, if your interests have changed and your home does not accommodate your new interests, then finding a home that does might be a good idea.  Maybe you want a bigger, updated kitchen because you’ve become a gourmet cook.  Maybe you want a bigger yard so you can garden.  Maybe you want a master bedroom on the first floor or an ensuite bathroom.  Whatever the case, if you don’t want to spend months renovating your present home, then finding a new one is your best option.


4. Your Finances Have Changed

If you’re fortunate enough to have extra money or a lot of equity in your home, selling and buying a new, nicer house could be a good investment in your family’s future.  In the present buyer’s market, you could find the house of your dreams, finance it at a low interest rate, and sell it at a profit when you’re ready to downsize.

If, on the other hand, you’re strapped every month just trying to pay the bills, then getting out from under a burdensome mortgage might make sense.  Selling your house and moving to a more affordable one can free up cash for other expenses and free you from the stress of constant money worries.


5. You Want or Need to be Closer to Family

There’s a time to leave and a time to come home.  If you’re spending a lot of time commuting to where your aging parents live, perhaps it’s time to consider relocating them or moving closer to them.  In either case, the move won’t be easy, but it will bring some peace of mind.

Maybe your children moved away and now have their own children.  If you’re retired or can find a new job closer to where your grandchildren are, you could have the benefit of spending lots of time with them and watching them grow up as opposed to seeing them only once or twice a year.


So Many Reasons to Move.  Don’t Let Stress over Moving Be the Reason You Stay.

If you have a reason to move, but packing and moving just seem way too stressful, call a full-service, professional moving company to put your mind at ease.

The Long Island movers at Maffucci Bekins have been moving families for more than forty years.  We handle local moves and long distance moves, provide a free estimate, a personal move coordinator, full service packing, secure storage, and safe delivery of your possessions.

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