Moving to Long Island – Advice from Maffucci Bekins, Trusted Long Island Movers for over 40 Years

Long Island has been our home for over 40 years, so we’re a little biased about the area. We have wonderful beaches, beautiful homes and yards, good schools, and great shopping opportunities. We’re also within commuting distance to New York City, so you’re never too far from world-class dining, museums, cultural events, shopping, and entertainment.

However, no matter how appealing some of this may sound, we know that newcomers can be surprised by other, less desirable aspects of Long Island living. We offer this advice to help prevent negative surprises.


  1. Drive around the Island when considering moving to Long Island

Before you move, drive from the area where you’re going to live or thinking of living to your place of employment and other places you will probably be visiting often (the supermarket, place of worship, parks, schools, etc.). Make sure you do your test drives at the times you will typically be travelling the route.

You’ll probably notice that what looks like a short distance on the map ends up taking you two to three times longer than you thought it would because of heavy traffic. Checking the news or an app for traffic conditions before heading somewhere on Long Island is always a good idea!

If you will be commuting to Manhattan for work, riding the Long Island Railroad into the City is a good option. But again, take note of how long it takes you to drive from your house to the nearest LIRR station.


  1. Beware of Property Taxes on Long Island.

Compared to taxes in most parts of the U.S., property taxes in the communities on Long Island are very high. The services for residents are generally good, and most school systems are very good, but those of us living on the Island pay a considerable amount for what we get.

Newcomers to the area are sometimes shocked by the tax rate, so asking your real estate agent for information on property taxes before you buy or checking online databases for real estate taxes is a good idea.


  1. Be Aware of the Noise Level.

Although the communities on Long Island are definitely suburban (and some beachfront), newcomers to the area may find them a lot noisier than expected. Nassau and Suffolk counties are home to approximately 2,850,000 people, and unless you’re moving into one of the Long Island mansions on the North Shore or out to the Hamptons, some of those people will be living, working, and partying in close proximity to you.

Noise from lawnmowers, snow-blowers, children, cars, and trucks can be very disturbing if you’re used to peace and quiet. Visiting potential new homes at different times during the day and night to see what the noise level is before you decide to buy is highly recommended. And don’t forget the weekends. Noisy neighbors or late night traffic could ruin your suburban paradise.


  1. Assess Your Need for City Life prior to a Long Island move.

Long Island is generally thought of a great place to raise a family, but, if raising a family isn’t your goal or if you’re used to living in a big city, life on the Island could seem dull. You’re never far from a harbor or a beach, but if you want Broadway shows, a wide selection of great clubs, haute couture, and chef-prepared meals, you’re probably going to have to leave your bedroom community and drive to the City.

Driving to Brooklyn or Manhattan for a special day or event is a wonderful way to take advantage of your proximity to all that New York has to offer. However, many people who live on the Island rarely, if ever, travel the short distance to New York City. The commute in traffic – especially for those who do it on a daily basis for work – is not something they want to do for enjoyment.


  1. Choose a Trusted, Experienced Long Island Mover.

Once you’ve settled on a location and purchased your new suburban home, it’s time to start thinking about the moving process. Based on our more than 40 years in the business, we know how stressful moving can be and how important it is to find movers who will help alleviate some of that stress.

Maffucci Bekins is a family-owned moving company located on Long Island. We’ve been providing dependable moving services to people in the New York metropolitan area for more than 40 years and would love to talk with you about how we can help simplify your moving process.

Our team of professional local movers averages more than 25 years of experience. Our professional packers can save you time and worry, and our personal move coordinator will help you plan and organize your successful move.


To learn how we can meet your moving needs and simplify your move to Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, across the country, or around the world, contact us at 1-866-228-6400.