Moving to a new home on Long Island or other areas of New York can be very exciting and at the same time extremely stressful.  To handle the stress, we always recommend planning and preparation.  This holds true for getting yourself ready for a move as well as your children and your pets.

Cats are probably the most difficult pets to move because of their independent nature and typical fear of the unknown.  To help them overcome their fears and adjust to your new home, ample preparation is recommended.

Taking Care of Your Cats While Packing

Your cats might be frightened by packing boxes and commotion in your house, so planning for their security and safety while you’re packing and moving is important.  You could get them used to having boxes around a few weeks before you’re going to start packing, or, if you’re scared they will hide in the boxes (or somewhere else), consider confining them to a room equipped with food, water, sleeping areas, and a litter box away from the packing activity.

While packing for the move, remember to put your cat carriers somewhere accessible but out of the way.  You’ll need them for transporting your cats, so you don’t want them to inadvertently get packed or put on the moving truck.

Protecting Your Cats on Moving Day

On moving day, keep your cats safely in a cat-ready bathroom or cleared bedroom away from the movers.  You certainly don’t want them making a mad dash for the open door as your movers are loading the moving truck, nor do you want one of the movers tripping over a cat while carrying your heavy furniture or other items.

If your cats are particularly skittish, you could consider asking your vet for anti-anxiety medication for moving day, or you could place them in a kennel and pick them up after the move.  Otherwise, a small breakfast and a safe place for them to hang out while the movers are working is your best bet.

Moving Your Cats

Cats are typically not happy about getting into their carriers, but on moving day, the safety of a carrier is essential.  Some animal experts suggest spraying the inside of the carrier with synthetic feline pheromones to keep your cat calm, but you might also want to just try putting some treats in the carrier.

When you and your cats are ready to go, put your carriers in a seat in your vehicle and secure them with seat belts, or wedge them in behind seats securely so that they won’t move around.  Make sure your cats are getting enough air, but do not let them out of their carriers, even if you stop for gas or a snack.  A scared cat could try to escape from a carrier and get lost or hurt.

Helping Your Cats Get Settled in Their New Home

When you get to your new home, putting your cats in a safe, secure area with food, water, bedding, and a litter box is probably going to be your first step in getting them settled in.  Talking calmly to them and giving them some cat treats could also help comfort them.  In addition, if your movers are still unloading the moving truck, make sure you let them know where your cats are so they don’t disturb them or accidentally let them out.

You might want to consider keeping your cats in this safe area for a day or two so they can adjust slowly to their new surroundings and be safe while you unpack boxes and get organized in your new home.  You should, of course, spend some time with them and try to stick to their usual feeding and playing routine.

Once the house is safe for your cats, it’s time to gradually introduce them to other rooms.  Find a permanent place for litter boxes and make sure they know where they are.  Put their food and water bowls in convenient locations and get out their toys.  Then, let your cats explore their new home, but try to be aware and take care of all potential dangers, such as small spaces behind appliances where they could get stuck, open windows, unlatched doors, and electrical cords.


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