Review.Com Chooses Bekins Moving and Storage as a Top National Moving Company, a company that researches and reviews products and services for today’s consumers, recently named Bekins Moving and Storage as a top national moving company.’s choice of top moving companies was based on a lengthy, five-step evaluation process.

At each step in the process, multiple moving companies were eliminated from the competition until the review team could confidently agree on their top picks:  Atlas and Bekins.  Both companies go anywhere in the nation, are straightforward about their pricing and services, make filing a claim easy, and get good ratings from their customers.

Step One:  Finding National Moving Companies

To find the best moving companies in the U.S., began searching for national companies – those that are available to most people across the nation.  They began with a list of 82 companies but found that many of those say they are national movers, but actually do not move people from anywhere in the U.S.  Typically, they move people from a limited area to somewhere else in the U.S.

Only those companies that move people from anywhere to anywhere in the U.S. and only those that are licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as long-distance movers were included.  That eliminated 45 of the original 82 contenders.

Step Two:  Finding Answers to Questions on the Company Website

The next step in the review process was to examine the remaining companies’ websites to see if customers could find answers to basic questions on the sites.  They looked for information on services provided and a clear FAQ page.

Sixteen additional companies were eliminated because their websites did not provide clear information about their services or answers to basic questions about moving procedures.  That left only 21 companies for step three in the evaluation process.

Step Three:  Ensuring the Quote Process Is Easy

The next step was to check out each company’s process for giving quotes for moving.  The researchers looked for being able to get a quote the way you want (i.e., in person, online, or over the phone) and evaluated phone quotes from each company on the bases of time to speak to someone and helpfulness of the person to whom they spoke.

They found that phone quotes usually take around 10 minutes.  They also found that some companies engage in hard sell tactics that consumers should be wary of.  Finally, after eliminating companies that engaged in questionable sales tactics, as well as those that didn’t answer their phones or that made customers work through a long phone tree, they had only 14 moving companies left.

Step Four:  Checking the Claims Process

The team couldn’t ensure that moving companies’ claims processes are simple and transparent, since no one was actually moving.  However, they did check the remaining companies to make sure they make their claims departments available.

According to, they “couldn’t guarantee that you won’t have to jump through some hoops to file a claim, [but they did make] sure figuring out how and where to file one wouldn’t be a struggle.” Given that criteria, 7 more companies were cut from the competition for top moving company.

Step Five:  Asking People Who Moved Recently about Their Experience

The final step in the evaluation process entailed asking 500 people who moved recently to rate their experience using a 1 – 5 scale.  They found that for the remaining contenders, responses to their survey questions were “a total mixed bag,” with most companies averaging around 3 out of 5 stars.  This suggests that choosing a moving company always involves a certain amount of risk because no matter how good the company seems, you don’t know how good your specific moving crew will be.

Despite that caveat, only three of the moving companies considered were rated positively by more than 50% of their customers included in the survey.  And of those three, two companies were’s top picks based on all evaluation criteria:  Atlas and Bekins.

Maffucci Bekins Moving and Storage

The Bekins Moving and Storage Company has been in business for over 100 years and has earned a reputation for quality and reliability. The company continues to provide top quality moving services to today’s generation, as signified by customers’ reviews and the 2017 rating.

If you’re looking in the greater New York area for Long Island Movers or long distance movers you can trust, call Maffucci Bekins at 1-888-804-6768 or submit the Get a Free Quote form on our website.  See for yourself why we were named a top moving company by