Self-Care Tips from Leading Long Island Movers on Handling the Stress of Moving

Let’s face it – moving is one of life’s most stressful experiences.  Whether you’re moving to the nearest town or across the country, the prospect of getting your household from where you are to where you’re going can be daunting.

Planning well in advance of your move and getting estimates on moving costs from reliable professional Long Island movers can go a long way toward easing your stress.  However, taking care of yourself as you prepare to move is equally important.  Here are some helpful self-care tips for easing the stress of moving.

Clear Space for Yourself

Things can quickly get very messy and chaotic when you start packing.  That’s why experts recommend you clear a space for yourself and maintain it as your special, uncluttered space.  It can be as small as a corner of a room or as large as an entire room; just make sure everyone knows it is out of bounds for anything other than what you need to help you unwind.

Keeping a few things you typically have around for relaxation activities – your yoga mat, coloring or painting supplies, books, etc. – in your special space and actually making time to do the things that help you relieve stress is highly recommended.

Make Time for Yourself and Your Friends

When preparing for a move, we usually feel pressured and hurried to get everything done.  Too often, we forget about or skip important basics like getting enough sleep and eating well.  Unfortunately, this can exacerbate our stress.

Without a balanced diet, a good night’s sleep, and regular exercise, our bodies do not handle the stress of moving very well.  We can become cranky and forgetful, inefficient and disorganized, and more prone to health problems at a time when we really need to be healthy and productive to get everything done.

Besides making time for yourself, you should also give yourself time to spend with friends.  Whether you’re saying good-bye or making plans to get together after your move,  spending time enjoying friends’ company can be a wonderful antidote to stress and can make the transition to your new home seem just a little easier.

Accept Yourself: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Moving is not easy and usually not fun, but if you can accept the reality that things probably won’t go exactly as you planned or as you want them to, then you’ll probably be able to maintain a certain amount of equanimity throughout the experience.

Also, if you allow yourself to have feelings about moving – perhaps sadness, anxiety, anger, and excitement – without judging yourself poorly, you’ll end up in a lot better shape than if you fight or ignore your true feelings.  Experts suggest you remind yourself that moving is a difficult time and have compassion for yourself.

Accept Help

Another good coping strategy is to be willing to ask for and accept help.  There is no glory in going through a difficult time alone when you have friends and family members who can help you.

Perhaps your sister is a better planner and wants to help you get started preparing to move.  Perhaps your friend knows of reputable movers.  Whatever the case, don’t hesitate to accept help or ask for it when you feel overwhelmed.

Look Forward

Your attitude toward the move can also help make moving a more positive experience.  Try thinking of the move as potential – new possibilities – as opposed to the end of something.  Try looking forward to future experiences rather than dwelling on what you’re leaving.

To help develop this optimistic, forward-looking perspective, we suggest exploring the area where you’re moving, either in person, if possible, or online.  Check out the recreational opportunities, the schools, the stores, restaurants, and cultural events.  Get a feel for the area, so it won’t seem so foreign and intimidating when you move.  Making a list of some of the new experiences and fun activities you want to do after you’ve settled in can also help you maintain your positive outlook during the tough times.

Hire Professional Movers

Perhaps the best stress reliever is letting someone else handle the details of your move.  The caveat here is that you want to make sure the movers you hire are dependable and trustworthy.

Look for professional movers like Maffucci Bekins, who have over 40 years of experience, an excellent reputation, and services to meet all of your needs.

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