Often, people who are moving are reluctant to put their household items in storage – perhaps for sentimental reasons or perhaps because they fear their furniture and other possessions will get damaged.  Whatever the case, in our more than forty years in the moving and storage business on Long Island, we’ve found that once families get past their emotions, they realize that putting things in storage is their best option.

There are many good reasons to put your household items in storage, but there are three specific times when it’s absolutely necessary:  when you’re moving to a smaller place but aren’t ready to part with some of your valued furniture and other items that do not fit; when you have to move out of your present home and your new home isn’t ready for you to move in; and when you’re replacing furniture and other items but saving your older things to sell or to give away.


Storage for When You’re Moving to a Smaller Place

You may move to a smaller place out of necessity – perhaps to save money – or for convenience.  However, that move, like many moves, might not be permanent.  Why sell or give away all of your furniture and other items when you could very well want them again?

Storing your possessions in a secure household storage facility is an excellent way to keep the things you want safe until you’re ready to move into a larger home.


Storage for When You’re Waiting for Your New Home

If you sell your home and have to move out before your new house is ready, you’ll definitely need to put your household property in storage.  A climate controlled, fireproof, secure household storage facility will keep all of your furniture and other items safe while you rent or stay with friends or family.

Whether you’re waiting for construction or renovation to be completed, knowing your valuable property is safely stored at an accessible storage facility can help get you through the stressful time of transient living.


Storage for Saving Furniture and Other Household Items

Perhaps you’ve bought a new dining room set or new bedroom furniture.  You don’t have a place in your house for your old items, but you don’t want to get rid of them because you or somebody else in your family might well want them someday.

Storing your furniture in containers designed to protect it is the best way to preserve those things that are important for you to keep, even though you’re no longer using them.


When You Need Safe, Secure Storage

Storage facilities come in all types and sizes, so be careful about what facility you choose.  Look for an established company that provides the services and security you need.

At Maffucci Bekins Moving & Storage Company, we’ve been helping families move and store their valuable possessions for over forty years. Our 35,000 square foot, climate controlled, fireproof storage facility on Long Island is protected by 24-hour video surveillance, an alarm system, perimeter fence, and strict regulations to guarantee the security of your property.

We have large, wooden storage containers, over-sized and special-care containers, and paper padding and plastic wrapping to keep your property safe from humidity, dust and dirt.  Our professional movers will transport your property to our storage facility and deliver it safely to you when you want it – anywhere in the world.

Let us store and protect your property at our high-security storage facility on Long Island, New York, or in any of the 370 Bekins storage facilities across the United States.

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