Nowadays, many of us keep scanned copies of our important documents, such as insurance policies, certificates, and receipts in the cloud or on an external hard drive.  However, we still need hard copies of many important personal documents, such as our birth certificates, marriage licenses, car titles, and passports.

One might think that a safe place for these important documents would be a safe deposit box.  However, recent situations have shown that safe deposit boxes are not a wise choice in case of an emergency.  For instance, if an area loses power because of a major storm, banks in that area can remain closed, and you can’t access your stored documents.

Finding a safe storage space during the confusion surrounding a move can be especially daunting.  To help you prepare effectively for your next move, we’ve got four tips for keeping track of your important documents at this hectic time.

Organize Your Documents before You Pack

Through the years you’ve probably collected a lot of product warranties and manuals, certificates, health insurance policies, etc.  Before you move is an excellent time to go through all of your files and piles of documents and get rid of outdated or unnecessary material.  Manuals for products you no longer own and statements from the student loans you paid off ten years ago will take up space unnecessarily when you start packing.  Get rid of them now!

During this sorting and removal process, be sure to be cautious when discarding documents that include personal information.  It’s a good idea to shred any documents that include your birth date, social security number, or account numbers to minimize the chance of identity theft.

Create a List of Your Important Documents

Once you’ve sorted your important documents, you should create a list so you know what you’ve got and where to locate it.  Later, when you’re packing to move and unpacking at your new home, you can use this list to make sure you have all of your important papers.

Since you are going to be moving soon, it’s also a good idea to determine which documents you will be packing for your movers to move and which ones you will be keeping with you.  We suggest keeping all paperwork related to your move and your new home readily available, perhaps in a binder or folder where you can easily access items as you need them.

Make Digital Copies of Important Papers

Before you pack for moving, it’s a good idea to make digital copies of all of your important papers.  That way, in case you can’t find a specific document at your new home, you will be able to locate your electronic copy.

Just be sure to save your documents on a secure hard drive or in the cloud, not on an unsecured device, so that others cannot access them.

Pack Your Documents Securely

For most documents, file folders inside a portable file box or file cabinet are fine.  However, if you are having movers transport important documents with your personally identifying information on them, using a locked box or cabinet is preferable.  Professional local movers and long distance movers can help you determine the best packing method for ensuring safety and security during your next move.

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