As New Yorkers, we’re used to stress.  We expect it, and we live with it.  However, for many of us, moving to a new home is still up there with losing your job when it comes to producing over-the-top stress.  Why is that?

You’d think we’d be excited about moving.  After all, a new home represents a fresh start, an achievement, a new adventure.  Why, then, do we feel all stressed out?

Based on our more than forty years of experience in helping people like you with their local moves and long distance moves, we think moving stress comes from three main factors:  fear of the unknown, lots of tasks to be completed in a limited time, and the disruption of your daily life. Hopefully, by understanding these sources, you can better manage your stress and move with confidence.

Fear of the Unknown

For most of us, not knowing what the future holds can be very stressful.  Of course, we don’t ever really know, but when you’re moving, you are very aware of what you don’t know.  From how much everything’s going to cost to what kind of people your new neighbors are – your immediate future life seems up in the air.

The thought of all the unknowns can be overwhelming, especially when compounded with financial worries.  How much will the movers cost?  How much will renovations or repairs at your new home cost?  How much will new furniture cost?  Can you afford all of this?

Even if you’ve planned carefully and budgeted well, worrying about unknown expenses is common.  That’s why we suggest getting estimates from reliable moving companies well in advance of your move, quotes on renovations and repairs, and prices on items you want to purchase.  Having a good idea of what things will cost will cut down on what you don’t know and help you gain confidence in your ability to afford your move.

Too Much to Do and Not Enough Time to Do It

Finding time to do everything you have to do, let alone what you want to do, is stressful under normal circumstances.  When it comes to moving, that stress is exponentially greater because the list of “have tos” is exponentially longer.

Now you have to find a moving company you can trust to move all of your possessions.  This can require searching online, getting recommendations from friends and neighbors, making phone calls, and meeting personally with moving professionals to get estimates.  After you choose a company, you have to complete their paperwork, making sure everything is in order to ensure your possessions are moved safely and securely when scheduled.

Then comes the really hard part: you have to face the challenging task of packing all of your belongings.  You could consider hiring full service packers to do this time-consuming task for you; however, you still have to deal with decisions about what to move with you, what to give away, and what to simply get rid of.

Finally, there’s the tedious tasks of changing your address, transferring utilities out of your name and into your name, changing your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, and notifying everyone of your new address.

Experts suggest that the best way to handle the stress related to having so many tedious tasks is to prioritize and organize.  Keeping a detailed list of everything you have to do and allotting time for each task on your calendar can go a long way toward keeping stress under control.  In addition, being able to cross things off your list can be a big motivator.

A Life Disrupted

With your house in disarray and so much to do and think about, you’re bound to feel a lot of stress.  In fact, it can seem as if your whole life is being disrupted. After all, your daily routine has been replaced by stressful preparations, and your comfort zone is being replaced by the unfamiliar and unknown aspects of your new location.

Moving day and the first few days after a move are especially disruptive.  Even with the most skilled and reliable movers, you might still feel anxious watching your family’s belongings being lifted and loaded onto a truck.  And even if all of your boxes are labeled with their contents and room to which they should be delivered at your new home, you’re bound to feel disoriented when trying to find things the first few days after you move.

We suggest trusting your movers to pack, load, transport, and unload your furniture and other items and trying not to get too stressed out on moving day.  You need to save your energy for unpacking and re-establishing a daily routine at your new home.  We also suggest taking your time to unpack.  Start with the necessary items and work your way through your boxes without putting too much pressure on yourself.


Let Trusted New York Movers, Maffucci Bekins, Take a Load off Your Mind
Your movers can’t take all of the stress out of the moving process, but working with an experienced team of professional movers and packers can help you handle many of the challenges you’ll encounter.

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