After years of owning and caring for your own home, you might now be considering moving to an apartment.  A smaller space with fewer demands on your time and finances might be just what you need to have more time for enjoying life and exploring new possibilities.

While many people will point out the negatives of apartment living, we’ve found that moving from a house to an apartment in New York or the surrounding areas has many advantages, including the opportunity to simplify your life, having more time for enjoyable activities, being able to meet new people, and feeling safer and more secure.

You’ll Be Able to Simplify Your Life

Downsizing to move from a house to an apartment in the New York metro area gives you the opportunity to think about what you really need to be comfortable and what things you can definitely do without.  Getting rid of all the unnecessary things you’ve accumulated over the years can actually be very freeing – a gift to yourself as well as to those to whom you donate useable items.

You might also be able to purchase a few high quality but practical items that will give your apartment the ambiance you want.  However, in the smaller space of the apartment, you’ll find you will keep only those things that you use or value for aesthetic or sentimental reasons.  In a new, clean, uncluttered space, without so many things to take care of, you could even find you feel calmer and more relaxed.

You’ll Have More Time for Enjoyment

People who have moved to apartments have also been surprised at the convenience and free time their new lifestyle offers.  There’s no grass to mow, weeds to pull, leaves to rake, or snow to shovel. And keeping the place clean requires much less time and effort.

In addition, if something requires maintenance or repair work, typically, all you have to do is call the maintenance staff and let them handle the problem.  Things like leaking windows, malfunctioning air conditioning units, and storm damaged shrubbery are no longer your responsibility.

With fewer responsibilities, you could discover you have a lot more time to spend doing things you enjoy – hanging out with friends and family, traveling, exercising, reading, exploring new interests, enhancing your skills – whatever you want to do with your newfound, extra time.

You’ll Have the Opportunity to Meet New People and Try New Activities

One of the possibilities for your leisure time is to try new activities and meet new people.  Fortunately, living in an apartment building gives you the opportunity to do both.  Many apartment communities in the New York area now include amenities such as pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, clubhouses, and social activities.

You won’t have to do any maintenance work, cleaning, organizing, or traveling to get to these facilities, so you should have time to relax and enjoy all that your new community has to offer, including the opportunity to meet your neighbors and make new friends.

You’ll Have the Benefit of Enhanced Security

An often overlooked benefit of apartment living is the enhanced security it provides.  Having neighbors who live so close can heighten your security, as you might be able to rely on them to keep an eye on your apartment when you’re gone and be aware of suspicious activity near your apartments.

In addition, many apartment buildings have doormen and security guards or security measures, such as codes or cards, to prevent unauthorized people from entering buildings or specific areas of buildings.  Also common in apartment buildings are cameras and alarm systems, which add yet another layer of security.

When You’re Ready to Make the Move to an Apartment

If you’re weary of the upkeep and expense of a maintaining a home and want a simpler, easier life, now might be a good time to downsize and move to an apartment.  You’ll have less commitment financially and timewise and the opportunity to meet new people and try new activities, most likely in a safe, friendly environment.

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