This is the age of DIY.  From putting an addition on your house to fixing your computer, you can find instructions and videos on how to do it yourself on the internet.  Why not, then, save money with a DIY move?

Although handling your move yourself sounds like a good idea, in reality, it could end up being much more difficult than you imagined and costing much more than you bargained for.  In fact, there are at least five very good reasons for not moving yourself.


Moving Yourself Takes a Lot of Time

Unless you or someone who has offered to help you has experience as a professional mover, your DIY move could end up taking a lot more time than you planned on.  Professional movers know how to load a truck for maximum efficiency and safety.  Without their know-how and experience, loading and unloading your moving truck will be very time-consuming and perhaps, haphazard.

Prior to moving day, you will, of course, had to have spent time investigating truck rental companies and determining the size and type of truck most suited to your needs. In addition, packing up your household with your movers (friends? family?) in mind can be very laborious, since you’ll want to keep your packed boxes light enough that they can be easily lifted.


A DIY Move Can Be Very Stressful

When you choose to move yourself, you’re in charge of everything, from choosing a truck to finding people to help you to making sure you can park the moving truck conveniently to lifting, transporting, and unloading everything.  If something is lost or damaged, it’s on you.

Some people relish responsibility, but handling all the details of a move can be overwhelming.  The thought of moving to a new location can be stressful by itself; assuming complete responsibility for all phases of your move can be unbelievably stressful.


You Could Get Hurt

An often overlooked danger of moving yourself is the distinct possibility of someone getting hurt.  Professional movers know how to lift heavy furniture and boxes without injuring themselves.  Do you and the people who might be helping you?

Professional movers also know how to arrange items securely on a moving truck.  If you or your helpers are not experienced at loading moving trucks, furniture or packed boxes might not be secure, and they could fall and seriously injure you.


Your Furniture and Other Items Could Be Damaged

Lifting, loading and unloading heavy furniture, appliances, and other household items onto a truck requires quite a bit of strength and skill.  If you and your helpers are lacking in either, your furniture and other possessions are at risk of being damaged.

Professional movers know how to safely handle heavy, large, and awkward-shaped pieces of furniture, and they have the equipment necessary to handle all types of moving situations, from ice and snow to steep stairways and narrow hallways.  Without proper equipment and moving experience, you could end of up with damaged furniture, broken glass or china, and damaged floors and walls.


Your DIY Move Could Cost a Lot More Than Expected

While renting a moving truck and moving yourself sounds as if it is a lot cheaper than hiring professional local movers, it could actually end up being very expensive.  Truck rentals are not cheap, even for short distance moves, and a possible injury to you, your helpers, your possessions, and your new or old home could be very costly.

The stress of moving yourself can also take its toll on your family and your friendships, if you’re depending on friends to help with the move.  Is the added stress and strain on your relationships worth what you might save by moving yourself?


Hire Reliable Professional Movers

If you decide attempting to move yourself is just not worth the additional stress and potential risks, contact the New York movers you can trust to expertly handle all of the details of your move.

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