Moving during the winter months is not usually desirable; however, sometimes it’s unavoidable.  If you have to move from Long Island because of your job or because you’ve sold your home, you can’t be picky about the season or the weather.

You can, however, take a few precautions to help your winter move go smoothly.  Planning around winter weather conditions, packing for winter safety, staying healthy, and relying on experienced, reliable Long Island movers can go a long way toward making sure your winter move goes smoothly.


Plan around the Winter Weather

You may not be able to ensure mild weather for your moving day, but with the help of weather apps and local news stations, you should be able fairly accurately predict when the best chance for a clear day is and schedule your move accordingly.

Even if moving day itself is snow and sleet-free, you could still be faced with a snowy, slippery driveway and walkways.  That’s why it’s a good idea not to pack your snow shovels and de-icing products until the last minute.  (Of course if you’re moving from New York to Las Vegas, Arizona, or Florida, you won’t need to pack or hang onto them at all!) Try to clear walkways as much as possible so you, your family, or your professional movers don’t slip and fall and injure themselves or damage your household possessions.

It’s also important to dress appropriately for the cold weather.  You may be hot from all the activities and anxiety of moving day, but when you go outside, you need to be protected from the cold.  In the hubbub of moving day, things can easily get misplaced, so make sure you and your family put their coats, hats, gloves and boots in a safe place where they will be able to locate them when they need them.


Pack for Protection

No matter what the season, you should always take care to pack your belongings for maximum safety during transport.  However, for a winter move, you need to be especially careful to protect your belongings from the cold and from the variations in temperature that can occur.

Glass and electronics are particularly vulnerable to damage.  Our professional packers recommend including extra padding for your glassware and other glass pieces to protect them from the cold.  They also advise insulating your electronic equipment with wadded up packing paper or foam pieces so that they will be able to withstand the cold.

Our packing tips can help you be well prepared for your winter move, but our full service packing services will make sure your possessions are packed for optimal winter safely and security.


Safeguard Your Health

Lifting and carrying numerous heavy boxes and furniture can be hazardous during any season, but they are especially so during the winter.  Exposure to freezing temperatures, as well as snowy and icy conditions, make heavy lifting and carrying very dangerous, especially if you already have a physical limitation or condition that could easily be exacerbated.

We urge you to dress warmly when going outside, even if you get hot from physical activity and tension.  Better yet, protect your health and well-being by hiring professional Long Island movers who are specially trained and equipped to handle the challenges of moving in the winter.


Rely on Experienced, Trusted Long Island Movers

If you have to move from Long Island during the winter months, your best bet for protecting your possessions and your health is to hire experienced, reliable professional movers.

At Maffucci Bekins, we’ve been helping families like yours move in all kinds of weather for over forty years.  Our professional movers and packers will minimize your stress and help make your move as safe and seamless as possible.

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