Throughout the second half of the twentieth century and into this century, many Americans moved further and further from urban centers into increasingly bigger homes in the suburbs.  This pattern has recently been changing, with a healthy resurgence in city dwelling.

While the urban lifestyle is especially appealing to young adults, it is also catching on among newly retired Baby Boomers and empty nesters.  Rather than continue supporting their big homes in the suburbs, they’re choosing smaller homes closer to the city.

If you’ve been thinking about downsizing, now might be the perfect time.  In the present real estate market, you could get a great price for your home, get rid of all your unwanted, unneeded stuff, and start a whole new life in an exciting new neighborhood.  There are many good reasons for moving to a smaller home, including the chance to live in a more vibrant urban neighborhood, simplifying your life, and improving your financial situation.

Rebooting Your Life

When you had children living at home, the large house in the suburban neighborhood made sense.  Maybe you wanted a big yard for the kids to play in, a good school system, and space to spread out and store things inside the house.  But now that the children are grown up, you don’t need all of those unused rooms and unnecessary stuff, and you don’t have to stay in the suburbs.

Whether you decide to buy or rent, a smaller place in New York or closer to the city could be the best move for you.  While increasing your leisure time, you’ll also be increasing the number and type of leisure time activities available to you. You’ll have access to numerous opportunities for world class shopping, eating, and entertainment.  You’ll be close to museums, galleries, and libraries, as well as an every-changing variety of top-notch cultural activities and vibrant nightlife.

Simplifying Your Life

Downsizing might not be easy, but it can be very freeing.  Paring down to what you really need and want in your smaller home allows you to get a fresh, uncluttered start. It could be the opportunity to get new furniture and decorations, or perhaps, the right time to take a more minimalist approach to living.

Having less stuff in less space can actually improve your quality of life.  Fewer things mean less time spent cleaning and taking care of them, leaving you more time to enjoy your new home and new opportunities.  Similarly, less space means less time and energy spent cleaning and maintaining your home.

Improving Your Financial Situation

For many homeowners, the reason for downsizing is to save money.  Of course, your ability to save depends on where and how you choose to live, but, in today’s seller’s market, you could end up making quite a bit on the sale of your old home and then being able to invest your profit and make even more throughout the upcoming years.

In addition, by buying or renting a smaller place, you could also end up saving a considerable amount on your monthly expenses.  Mortgage payments could be greatly reduced, property taxes could be significantly less, and utility and maintenance costs will most likely decrease, giving you more to invest or spend as you see fit.

Get Moving Soon

Often people don’t think about downsizing until they can no longer take care of their home and moving becomes necessary.  The problem with this scenario is that by then, it’s too late to enjoy the benefits of living smaller and simpler.

If you’re getting tired of keeping up with all of the responsibilities of owning and maintaining a large suburban home, start thinking about moving to a smaller place sooner rather than later.  You can simplify your life, enjoy more free time and leisure time activities, and save more for retirement.

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