As an award-winning Bekins moving company located on Long Island, we help families move out of state all the time.  That’s how we know there’s a lot more that goes into a long distance move than just packing and loading a truck.

There are complex emotions, including fear of the unknown and a sense of loss in leaving your present home, financial uncertainties, and a long list of things you have to do, not just to get ready to move, but after you’ve moved and unpacked.   Hiring professional, trusted movers early on can go a long way toward helping you manage your move and your stress, but so too can being aware of specific information about the area you’re moving to.

Before you move out of state – in fact, before you buy a new home out of state, we suggest doing a thorough investigation of the area you’re moving to.  Here’s some tips we’ve gathered from helping people move through the years.


1. Visit the Area at Least Once before You Move

You can find out a lot about a place and take virtual tours of homes on the internet, but nothing can substitute for actually visiting the area to get a sense of what it’s really like.  Websites, blog posts, videos, and maps can, of course, help you plan to get the most out of your visit.

Be sure to check school websites if you have school-aged children and review the state’s rating of schools in areas you’re considering.  Also, check review sites for opinions on entertainment venues, restaurants, shopping areas, recreational activities, and other facilities that you will want in the vicinity of your new home.

When you do go visit the area, take tours, if available, and ask local people for recommendations on school districts, neighborhoods, local hot spots, good shopping areas, etc.  Even more importantly, working with a local real estate agent could help you significantly when it comes to finding a suitable home in a suitable neighborhood.


2. Consider Renting

If you’re totally unfamiliar with the area and don’t have time to visit and work with a realtor to find a suitable home, then renting for six months to a year might be a good idea.  Renting will give you time to become familiar with the area, spend time looking at homes in different neighborhoods, and choose the home where you want to live rather than settling for someplace because you’re under pressure to move.


3. Identify the Utility Companies and Schedule Service

Use the internet to help you identify the utility companies you will need service from in your new home.  Remember to find electricity, gas, internet, water and sewer, and waste management providers.  You may have choices, so again, read reviews before you decide which companies to use.

Once you know your new address and move-in date, you can go ahead and schedule service with the companies you’ve chosen.  If you’ve done your homework in advance, setting up service will be easy.


4. Make Your Address Change Official

Another item you can take care of once you have bought or rented your new home is changing your address for mail delivery.  You can take care of this easily online at for $1.00.  The online (or hard copy of the form) lets you schedule your change of address for a future date, so you can take care of this detail well in advance of your move.

Of course, it’s also important to let people know where you’re moving.  If you don’t have time for personal visits or individual calls, a friendly email message that can be adapted for each person is a good idea.  Make sure you include your new mailing address, the approximate date of your move, and any other information about the move you want to share.

Once you have moved, you need to get a new driver’s license and establish legal residency for tax purposes.  Check out your new state’s Department of Motor Vehicle’s website for requirements on getting a new license and the state’s website for information on establishing residency for tax purposes.


5. Look for a Top-Rated Interstate Moving Company

When you’re looking for a moving company to load all of your belongings onto a truck, transport them out of state, and unload them at your new home, you definitely want to make sure they have a history of safe, secure interstate moves.

Online reviews and client testimonies can tell you a lot about a moving company, but so too can the company’s longevity and their employees’ experience.  Bekins Van Lines has been successfully moving families for over 100 years.  Presently there are more than 350 Bekins agents, all of whom are dedicated to quality and professionalism.

By choosing a Bekins agent, you can be assured that you’re getting experienced, professional movers.  By choosing Maffucci Bekins, Bekins Agent of the year for 2017, you can be assured you’re getting the best of the best:  personalized service, professional movers with over forty years of experience, a history of safe moves, and a reputation for excellent, reliable service.