If you’re thinking of putting your Long Island home for sale soon (and spring and summer are good times to sell in this part of the country), it’s time to take a slow walk through the rooms of your house looking for ways to make each room, each closet, and each hallway look as spacious as possible.

Look carefully, Look critically. What needs to be removed to make your home appealing to buyers?  Here are four suggestions to get you started.

Everything That’s Taking Up Floor Space Except Absolutely Necessary Furniture

Potential buyers will form their first impression of the inside of your home from the entrance way, so whether you have a small space or large foyer area, make sure it is as clear and open as possible.  Remove coat racks, shoe bins, sports gear, benches, and anything else that takes up floor space.

Then look at each room as if you’ve never seen it before.  Are there large chairs in the family room making moving around the room difficult?  Overstuffed book shelves?  Desks with large office chairs?  Old stereo speakers?  Extra chairs around the kitchen table?  Children’s toys, toy boxes, and equipment?

Everything beyond what is absolutely necessary for each room should be removed and, if important to you, stored safely at a secure household storage facility near your home.

Closet and Cupboard Paraphernalia

Professional stagers will tell you that messy and overstuffed closets or cupboards are a real turn off for people looking for a new home. So once you’ve removed large items taking up floor space, it’s time to get started on the closets and cupboards.

Sorting items into keep, give away, and throw away piles might be a good starting point.  After you’ve gotten rid of the giveaways and throwaways, you can separate the keeps into necessary to keep at the house and ok to keep in storage.  Again, remember your goal is to make your closets and cupboards appear as spacious as possible, so try to keep only what is necessary for your daily life at the house.

Garage and Basement Clutter

After cupboards and closets in the house are de-cluttered, it’s time to turn to the garage and basement, the parts of a house that are often used as storage areas. Potential buyers may expect to see items stored in these areas, but they should be able to walk without bumping into things and envision places for their possessions.

If you have lawn maintenance equipment in your garage, make sure it is clean and arranged neatly.  If you have extra tools, gardening equipment, bicycles, camping gear, etc. stored in your garage, consider packing it up and putting it in storage so people can see how much room you really have in your garage.

The same goes for your basement.  If you don’t have the time or motivation to go through holiday decorations and all those other things you’ve saved and stored there, putting it in storage for the time being will help give your basement that spacious feel buyers are looking for.

Family Photos and Other Personal Items

As you get closer to putting your house on the market and showing it, take another close look at the walls in each room.  Home buyers should be able to picture themselves living in the home, not you and your family, so removing personal items, such as diplomas, family photos, and children’s art work is recommended.

Special items that you want to keep, such as unique light fixtures, artistically created light switch plates, and expensive draperies should also be removed.  Otherwise, buyers will rightfully assume they are being sold as part of the home.

Finding a Suitable Storage Facility

When staging your home and putting furniture, family heirlooms, art work, and the many items you want to save in storage until you’re settled in your new home, you want to be sure the storage facility you choose provides a safe, secure environment for your belongings.

At Maffucci Bekins, our 35,000 square foot, high-security storage facility located on Long Island provides the ultimate in safety and security.  It is climate-controlled, fire proof, and protected by 24-hour video surveillance, an alarm system, and a perimeter fence. We can store anything you own for as long as you need.

Call us today at 1-888-804-6768 or submit our Get a Free Quote form online to find out how we can help you store your household items to stage and sell your home.