Moving out of state is difficult enough, but when you’re moving to start a new job, the difficulty is compounded.  Not only do you have to figure out how you’re going to move your household and where you’re going to live, you have to adjust to a new living environment and a new working environment.

That sounds like a lot of stress.  To try to take some of the pressure off, consider working out a timeline for your move, being open to flexible housing options, and working with a reliable long distance moving company.


Create a Timeline for Your Move

All moves are stressful, but moving and starting a new job can be doubly stressful.  To avoid chaos and tension, your best bet is to start planning early and work from a timeline.  This timeline should include all the steps you need to take to move from your present home to a place in your new location and start your new job.

Planners suggest you begin with the start date for your new job and work backwards.  Be sure to include ample time for finding a new place to live, selling your old place (if you own a home), packing to move or putting things in storage (if you opt for temporary housing when you start your new job), and moving and unpacking.

Make sure your timeline includes time for visiting your new town and getting acclimated.  Real estate agents suggests more than one visit so you have time to look at different areas and think about where you might want to live. Websites that list homes for sale in an area can also be very useful in helping familiarize yourself with the housing market where you are moving.

While creating your timeline, keep in mind that it’s never too early to start finding out about packing, moving, and storage services.  Your new employer may pay for these services and have companies they work with.  If not, they may be able to make recommendations.


Consider Renting

Buying a new home in a new town under pressure may not be the best option for you.  Finding a suitable home in a place you’re familiar with is difficult enough, but finding one in a location to meet your needs in an environment you’re unfamiliar with can be very challenging.

Many people who move for a job opt to rent instead of buying right away.  Renting for a year, or even six months, could give you time to explore your new hometown and find the perfect home.  Extended stay hotels, a sublease, or a vacation rental could provide the kind of temporary housing situation that would give you time to get settled into your new job and get acclimated to your new location before you look for a more permanent home.


Hire Reliable, Experienced Long Distance Movers

One of the first steps on your timeline should be to research moving companies.  Choose reliable, experienced long distance movers, and get written estimates on all of the services you’ll be using for your move.  The estimates will give you a good idea of what the move is going to cost you and enable you to budget more effectively for the move.

Your employer may well cover your moving expenses and work with a specific company, but you will probably still want to check out their services and meet with one of their moving coordinators.  If you’re choosing your own movers, make sure they have experience in relocations, provide all of the services you need, and have a reputation for quality service.


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