If you’ve sold your home or given up your lease and have to move out before your new place is ready, you’ll probably have to put most of your possessions in storage.  No one likes the extra time and effort this involves, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Full-service moving and storage companies like Maffucci Bekins can help simplify the process of putting your household in storage by handling the packing, moving, storage, and delivery of your household goods when you’re ready for them.  However, you can also help simplify the process and minimize your own stress by preparing in advance for putting your household items in storage.

De-Clutter Your Home before Putting Things in Storage

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to de-clutter before you get ready to put things in storage.  Why put time and effort into packing things you won’t want or need at your new home?  And why would you want to pay to have those things moved?

Organization experts suggest you go room by room, separating items into those you want to keep, those you can give away, and those you will throw away.  If you have trouble deciding if you should keep something or not, a rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you’ve used it within the last year or if it has sentimental value.  If the answer to both of those questions is no, then put it in either the giveaway or throwaway pile.

Organize Your Household Items for Storage

After you’ve de-cluttered your home, it’s time to start organizing things for storage.  A good starting point is your closets.  Separate the out of season clothing and items you rarely wear from those you will need.  Then make sure the clothing you’re going to store is clean and dry, so you can pack it up without worrying about odors or mold. The same goes for linens and towels.

Another good strategy is to group your items so you’ll be able to find them if you need them and eventually be able to unpack efficiently.  Grouping items by room might make sense if your home is organized logically, but often it’s a good idea to approach moving as an opportunity for a fresh perspective.  Maybe those toys don’t need to be in the kitchen anymore.  Maybe the books don’t need to be in the living room.  Maybe the exercise equipment shouldn’t be in the bedroom.

Whatever the case, this is an opportunity to make some positive changes, so take the time to think about how to organize your belongings most effectively.  Grouping items by type, use or level of need might make the most sense for you.

Plan for Easy Access to Your Stored Items

When putting things in storage, it’s not enough to organize your household items by room, function, or level of use, you also have to plan the arrangement of items in the storage facility.   Think about which items you might need or want to get out of storage while you’re in between homes, and make sure you can access them easily.

Besides making sure the things you might want or need are located so that you can easily access them, you’ll have to make sure that you know where to find them.  This will most likely entail careful labeling of boxes and making a diagram of your storage space.

Long Island Moving and Storage Professionals

Your moving and storage professionals will be able to help you plan for putting your household in storage and keeping track of where everything is.  In addition, the professionals at Maffucci Bekins provide containers, padding, and wrapping to protect your furniture and other items, as well as special containers for pianos, grandfather clocks, and other special-care items.

Our 35,000-square-foot storage facility on Long Island, New York is climate controlled, fire proof and protected by 24-hour video surveillance, an alarm system and a perimeter fence, so your household items are safe, secure, and ready to be moved into your new home.  If you need storage outside the New York metro area, we will store your property securely in a Bekins storage facility near you with the same guarantee of safety and security.

If you’re going to need to put your household items in storage and want service you can depend on, call Maffucci Bekins at 1-888-804-6768 or submit the Get a Free Quote form on our website.  We’ve been helping families like yours move for over 40 years and know how important reliable service, safety and security are for families on the move.