Moving to a new home is always stressful, but moving across the country is especially so.  Whether you’re moving from New York to Florida, New York to Arizona, or New York to California, your long distance move will be a lot more complicated and nerve-wracking than a local move.  That’s why you need to start planning early and follow a few simple tips for managing your move.


Do a Radical Cleaning and De-cluttering of Your Old Home

We recommend de-cluttering and giving or throwing away as much as possible before you make any move, but for a long distance move, it’s especially important to minimize your belongings.  The more items you have, the more time it will take to pack them up and load them onto the moving truck, and the more the move will end up costing you.

We suggest you go room by room through your present home, collecting or noting everything that will not be essential in your new home.  This should include furniture that won’t fit or look right in your new place, as well as big items, such as televisions and appliances that are old and will soon need replacing.

Large items, such as dressers, beds, desks, and tables, can cost more to move than they are worth because of their weight and the space needed to transport them, so look at them very critically.  Replacing your older furniture and appliances at your new home may be much more reasonable than transporting them.

If you don’t want to just give away your older furniture and household items, you might want to consider having a garage or yard sale (weather permitting, of course).  At a sale, you could also get rid of unneeded knickknacks, books, magazines, dishes, glasses, sporting and camping equipment, and other items you won’t be needing at your new home.  If you have the time, Craigslist and eBay are other options for selling some of your things.


Keep a Master To-Do List

Being organized and industrious is especially important when you’re making a long distance move.  You can’t make multiple trips to your new home, so you can’t afford to be disorganized and forget details.

To help you get organized, numerous moving resources and apps provide guides for making lists and keeping track of all the things you have to do to prepare for and actually conduct a move.  While they can be very helpful, they can also fragment your thinking and planning, making it difficult to figure out what you need to do each day.

Everyone has different organization strategies, but we suggest keeping a master list of every single thing that has to be done prior to, on, and after moving day.  You can then put each task on your calendar for a specific day (and reschedule if necessary) and cross it off your master list when completed.  In this way, you get a total look at everything you need to do and can plan what to do each day to be prepared for the move.


Plan and Pack for the Long Haul

Before you or professional packers begin packing up your whole household, think about what items you are going to need with you as you travel to and arrive at your new home. Thinking of the move as a trip and determining what you will need to be comfortable during that trip might be helpful.  If you have pets and/or children you will also need to assess their needs to make sure they are as secure and comfortable as possible.

Having snacks and nutritious foods, bottled water, electronic devices, hand sanitizer, hand towels, clean clothes, and personal hygiene items with you can go a long way toward making your trip to your new home manageable.


Hire Experienced Long Distance Movers

Lots of moving companies advertise their ability to make long distance moves, but not many have the backing of an American company with over 125 years in the business of safely moving families like yours.  You can trust the Bekins name and the network of over 400 Bekins agents nationwide that employ only experienced, qualified drivers and certified packers.

Knowing that your household items are being packed and transported by seasoned moving professionals can give you the peace of mind you want when moving across the country.  At Maffucci Bekins, our movers and packers average more than 25 years of experience, and more than 90 percent of our drivers have been with us for 25 years or more.  In addition, we guarantee pick up on the day you want it and provide door-to-door tracking of your moving truck, as well as cell phone access to your driver.

When moving long distance, rely on trusted, professional movers to help minimize your stress.  Maffucci Bekins has the experience you want and the services you need.

Call us today at 1-888-804-6768 or submit our “Get a Free Quote” form online to discover how we can help get you where you’re going.