As you reach a certain age, staying in the home you’ve lived in for years might be appealing, but many baby boomers are opting for the more carefree lifestyle offered by senior living communities.  Unlike the nursing home environments of twentieth century retirement homes, today’s new seniors can find luxurious options and amenities to meet the needs of their busy lives in twenty-first century senior living communities.


Simplify Your Life

A real benefit of living in a senior community is freedom from the demands of ongoing home maintenance and repair.  You can say good-bye to the stress of keeping up with yard work, snow removal, and routine (or not so routine) home maintenance.  In many communities, you can even get housekeeping, transportation, and dining services.

You’ll typically have only one monthly payment to make, so your household bills and finances will be simplified too.  With less responsibility and stress in your life, you can start really enjoying each day to the fullest.


Enjoy Each Day

In addition to offering maintenance, housekeeping, and food service, most senior living communities provide a wide variety of activities both on and off-site. With options from fitness classes to music groups, sports, book discussions, movies, and field trips, you’ll be able to find activities you’ve always loved and discover new hobbies and favorite past-times.

According to residents, an advantage of the community environment is the convenience it offers.  You don’t have to go far to find exciting recreational, educational, and entertainment activities; they are all conveniently and safely located close to home in your own senior living community.

Besides a wealth of activities, many of the latest senior communities in New York also offer amenities for luxurious living.  You can find gourmet dining options, hair salons, lounges, and garden areas in resort-like settings at some of New York’s finest communities.


Make New Connections

Because of the setting and activities, senior living communities provide numerous opportunities to meet new people and develop new friendships.  From casual acquaintances you’ll see every once in a while at a special event to new close friends you’ll want to share experiences with, senior communities offer the time and space for making enriching social connections.


Prepare for the Future

No one likes to think about the changes in mental and physical health that can occur as they age, but seniors know that safety and security are important factors to consider when thinking about moving.  Senior living communities, especially those that provide a continuum of care from independent living to assisted-living and skilled nursing, can be the perfect option for those looking for a secure future.


Choose the Best New York Movers for Seniors

If you’re considering moving to a senior living community, make sure you choose the best New York movers for seniors.  The professionals at Maffucci Bekins provide a complete range of moving services to meet all of your needs, including safe, secure, climate-controlled storage in case you can’t find a place for all of your possessions in your new retirement home but do not want to part with them.

We’ve been helping seniors in the New York metropolitan area move for over 40 years and have the quality service you can trust when you’re moving to a New York senior living community.  Call us today or use the Get a Free Quote form on our website to find out how easy your move can be.