Record & Medical Storage

We provide secure storage for medical records and company files, whether your business is going through a relocation or reorganization or you simply need more space.

At Maffucci Bekins, we understand that active medical records and company files are vital to your business, and you must keep them on-site. But as your file cabinets begin to overflow with outdated records, they take up room you can use for more strategic business purposes, such as additional workspace to accommodate growth and promote productivity. We provide secure off-site records storage for the medical, legal and accounting industries, as well as hospitals, libraries and a wide range of other organizations.

Easy Access for You

Our Long Island, New York-based storage facility offers 35,000 square feet of secure storage space. Each box of documents is bar-coded in our system to give you quick and easy access to your files. They are always accessible to you. They are always protected by us.

Secure Protection

Our strict regulations guarantee the security of your medical records and company files. No one is allowed access to your files without your permission, and our facility is climate controlled, fireproof and protected by 24-hour video surveillance, an alarm system and a perimeter fence.

Individualized Services

We provide safe and secure storage for your medical records and company files when you need it, for as long as you need it. If your business is planning a relocation or reorganization, we can store your important documents securely or we can shred the documents you no longer need.