Whether or not you're planning a move, when you need to store some or all of your belongings, Maffucci Bekins provides storage you can trust.

We are a full-service moving and storage company providing both temporary storage and long-term storage. We load your belongings onto our moving truck, drive them to our secure storage facility, protect them while in storage, and bring them back to you when you're ready.

Local New York Storage You Can Trust

Maffucci Bekins provides safe, secure storage at our 35,000-square-foot storage facility on Long Island, New York. This facility is climate controlled, fire proof and protected by 24-hour video surveillance, an alarm system and a perimeter fence.

Secure National Storage

As one of the largest agents of Bekins, we can store your property securely in any one of the 370 Bekins storage facilities around the country. Each one guarantees the same protection as our storage facility in New York. We have strict regulations at every storage facility to guarantee the security of your property. No one is allowed access to your belongings without your permission.

Storage Options

Household Storage

We place your property in large, wooden storage containers and use paper padding and plastic wrapping for an additional layer of protection to keep items safe from humidity, dust and dirt.

Company Files and Medical Records

We provide secure storage for your important documents when your file cabinets begin to overflow. Each box is bar-coded in our system to give you quick and easy access to your files.

Our unique Move to Sell Storage Program

We store your household clutter so you can make your home more attractive to a potential buyer when you're in relocation mode.